Jay Olson Photography

You can usually find me somewhere in Avila doing my real passion, taking photos and videos of my favorite moments and sharing them on my Avila Beach Facebook page and my other social media sites.

Greetings! My name is Jay Olson and I was born on the Central Coast of California. I have so many fond memories of growing up in this amazing place and being apart of this community has helped shaped me into the person that I am today. I spent 20 years all up and down the coast enjoying california life before leaving for a few years to study Electrical Engineering in Seattle.

After earning my degree, I returned home to help my childhood friend run a business in Avila Beach. We spent the summer having fun and meeting people from all over the world that came to enjoy Avila and the coast. It was great summer and I fell in the love Avila Beach all over again. However, after the summer was over, I painfully watched Avila sit empty and small businesses struggle on even the most beautiful days. So, 10 years ago I started EnjoyAvilaBeach.com to help fill the information void about Avila Beach. After a decade, I’ve not only built up a very popular website for Avila, but some popular local social media pages that reaches hundreds of thousands of people a week.

Now, I spend my days consulting with small businesses and helping them navigate the world of social media and online marketing with my company, Sleepless Interactive. I also believe that family comes first, so I include my wife and two daughters in all my projects and Avila adventures. Including this calendar. You can almost always find me somewhere getting all wet and sandy on the beach in Avila waiting on the sun to rise. Over the years I’ve used many different cameras to share the best moments I saw with the people that couldn’t be there to see them. It quickly has grown from a hobby to a deep passion. I’ve been working non stop to make this year's calendar the best yet by spending every day I could somewhere around Avila taking photos and videos. I took 25,000+ photos of the sunrises this past year and I've narrowed it down to 40. Thanks to the fans of my Avila Beach Facebook page we've got our top 14 that will be featured in the calendar. You can learn more about the calendar or buy now. You can also visit my photography website to see more of my photos and purchase prints.



The 2017 calendar exceeded all my expectations, so I spent more mornings than ever in Avila Beach capturing the beautiful sunrises. I always leave the beach wet and sandy but with a camera full of photos & videos of my favorite moments. The 2018 calendar is collection of the most popular photos I’ve taken at sunrise and voted on by the fans of my Avila Beach Facebook Page. It represents my love for Avila Beach and it helps me support my Avila site, the #KeepAvilaClean Project and other projects. LEARN MORE