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Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the calendar, or if you have any special requests; like shipping outside the US, bulk pricing for resell, gift wraping, etc. Use the form below or email at Me or my wife, Nicolle will get back to you shortly. Thank you -Jay


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Hello, my name is Jay Olson and I used my experience in web design and marketing to start about 10 years ago to help fill an information void about my favorite little California beach town, Avila Beach. After falling in love with Avila again as an adult, I painful watched it sit empty and small businesses struggle on even the most beautiful days, So I built a website and used the power of Social Media to get the word out on Avila Beach. After almost a decade, I’ve not only built up a very popular website for Avila, but some of the most popular social media pages about tourism in our area. You can learn more about me and my website here.